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    News From Nevada LIFE

    November 14, 2012


    NV Judge Rules Against An Abortion For Mentally Disabled Woman.

    Upholds Parents Wishes

    Nevada District Court Judge Egan Walker has decided not to order an abortion for Rev. Bill and Amy Bauer’s pregnant 32-year-old mentally disabled daughter.  As we noted yesterday, Judge Walker was “presiding over hearings to determine if a 32-year-old mentally disabled woman should be permitted to carry her pregnancy to term or whether it is in her ‘best interests?to be forced to have an abortion against the will of her parents who are her guardians.?

    Their attorney, long time colleague and friend of Nevada LIFE, Jason Guinasso says, “I can confirm that this order was given by the court from the bench. Abortion is no longer an option! We have won!?span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">  Rev. Bauer has told Nevada LIFE “A mediation session in the court room Nov 14 with the judge facilitating came to agreement that there will be no abortion. We continue to talk of other details.?/span>

    This is good news because if Judge Walker had ordered an abortiNVL Logoon, it would have sent a clear and unmistakable message that courts can intervene in family matters and order an abortion against the family's wishes.  Letters and emails have come to the family and pro-life groups expressing outrage and concern regarding precisely these fears.

    Though no abortion will be ordered, this case reveals a clear and present danger to families that something like this could happen.  Legislation is needed to send an equally clear message courts will not step in to family decisions and order abortions.

    We should note that this is not just a pro-life concern.  That’s because many who are pro-choice on abortion do not want courts to order abortions against their family wishes no matter what their position is on abortion.

    This case took a lot of persistence and prayer.  Guinasso himself notes tonight that “If you had been in the Court a few weeks ago and seen how determined the Court seemed to be to force Elisa to have an abortion, you would not have believed that today's ruling was possible...  It is truly a miracle how God was able to change?hearts and minds.

    Thanks to everyone who offered their support and prayers.  We’ll have more to say about this case, especially in regards to the spurious proposition that abortion is safer than child birth. 


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