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Pro-Life Position Scores Big In Nov. Elections. 

President Bush and other candidates benefited from their pro-life positions on November 2nd.  A post election poll by Wirthlin Worldwide found that abortion affected the way 42% of voters voted. 56% voted of those 42 % voted for President  Bush.  Only 36% voted for Senator John Kerry.  This translates into a 9 percent advantage for President Bush (56% of 42% is 24%. 36% of 42%--15%. 24%-15%=9%) among those who say abortion affected their vote.  Eight percent 


said that abortion was the most important issue of 18 issues presented.  President Bush scored a 4 point advantage (6%-2%).  This was above the President's margin of victory.

In other races the pro-life position netted a 12 percent advantage.  Of those 42 percent who said abortion affected their votes, 25 percent voted pro-life while 13 percent voted for abortion. 

National Right to Life reports that “of the nine new members of the Senate, seven are pro-life" (a two member pro-life gain).... and "of the 38 new members in the House of Representatives, 20 are pro-life.”  The next time someone tells you that the right to life position is an extremist position, tell them to check the numbers and check to see which position is winning elections.






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