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June 13,2012

Another Poll Shows America Is Pro-Life.  

Lowest Number Yet Say They Are Pro-Choice.

Last month's Gallup poll on abortion continues to show that America is a pro-life nation. The poll showed that 50 percent say they are pro-life and that an all time low of 41 percent say they are pro-choice.

Abortion advocates try to spin these numbers by saying that there are more people who support all abortions than those who oppose all abortions. That argumeNVL Logont is nonsense.

Only 25 percent of Americans identify with the radical Planned Parenthood and abortion industry policy of abortion on demand throughout pregnancy for any reason.

That means 75 percent of Americans-including 20 percent who oppose all abortions, another 39 percent who think abortion should be illegal except in a few circumstances and others who support restrictions on abortion-those 75 percent do not support Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry's policy of abortion on demand throughout pregnancy for any reason. There's no way to spin that or the fact that 59 percent said abortion should be illegal in all circumstances or legal in only a few circumstances. The truth is that there are more people who support the pro-life position than there are people who say they are pro-life. That means it is worse for Planned Parenthood and better for pro-lifers than polling suggests.

What's more, abortion advocates know they have lost this generation of young people. NARAL Pro-Choice America president Nancy Keenan recently stepped down because of the movement's failure with young people. Worse yet, abortion advocates have serious demographic problems which some call the Roe effect. That is, pro-choice, pro-abortion people have more abortions than pro-lifers. And since children learn many of their positions from their parents, demographics are against them. They have to win way more converts than pro-lifers do to keep up. And since their product is killing innocent unborn children, and since they have to convince a generation exposed to the humanity of the unborn through ever improving ultrasound, their fortunes are not likely to improve long term.

Abortion advocates also reflexively cite flawed polls that say a majority of Americans support Roe or want abortion legal. This too is nonsense. When confronted with the question, "should abortion remain legal, yes or no?" even pro-life President George W. Bush would have to say "yes" for certain very rare circumstances like a threat to the life of the mother and rape or incest. Abortions for rape and incest account for less than half of one percent of abortions.  

When 59 percent of Americans oppose all abortions or would allow them only in certain situations and support important abortion limitations, it's obvious they do not support Roe v Wade or Planned Parenthood's policy of abortion on demand throughout pregnancy with no exceptions.

There are many reasons why we are progressing. Click here to read a pro-life symposium on those reasons and what is happening.

Pro-lifers can maintain momentum by continuing the proven pro-life strategy which has helped lower the abortion rate, lower the number of abortions and change the minds of Americans on abortion. That strategy includes:

1. Electing pro-life candidates at the federal, state and local levels to pass pro-life legislation.

2. Working to elect pro-life presidents to institute pro-life policies and appoint Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe v. Wade and other noxious pro-abortion rulings.

3. Education and engaging the public as well as becoming more informed. Nevada LIFE is always available to speak to and brief groups large and small.

4. Continue to show compassion, both for the mother who is thinking about abortion and those who have had abortions.

We have more hard work ahead. This poll is another powerful affirmation that we are making substantial headway.


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