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Research Cloning Becomes Legal In New Jersey.  Opens Door To Human Fetal Farming.

           A bill in New Jersey (AB 2840 and S 1909) signed into law by Governor James McGreevey will allow the cloning and cultivation of cloned human beings through the “new born stages” for the purpose of using “cadaveric” tissue for research or transplantation.  While the bill specifically says that human cloning is a crime, this is possible only because of the definition it gives to cloning. 

          “As used in this section, ‘cloning of a human being’ means the replication of a human individual by cultivating a cell with genetic material through the egg, embryo, fetal and newborn stages into a new human individual.”  This means that in the state of New Jersey cloning and the production of a human clone are only considered to occur after a new human individual has emerged, sometime after the undefined "newborn" stages of life.  This sets the stage for human body parts farming in New Jersey. 

Several links are provided below to lead you to expert commentary and analysis of this bill and its consequences.  Nevada LIFE condemns this law. It is immoral and inhumane to intentionally create humans only to destroy them.  It is inhumane to use humans as a means to someone else’s end without consent.  It is likewise abhorrent to use humans for research purposes without consent and without benefit to the subject.  Nevada LIFE also condemns without reservation the stated purpose of helping the New Jersey biotech industry with taxpayer funding. 

This bill demonstrates the need for the United States Senate to finally pass a cloning ban like the Brownback-Landrieux Human Cloning Prohibition Act, passed by the Congress earlier in 2004, which would ban all human cloning in the United States, and which is supported by Senator Ensign and opposed by Senator Reid. 

Senator Harry Reid does not support this ban, but he does not support the kind of actions described in the New Jersey law.  Mr. Reid would allow cloning, but would not allow the implantation of cloned human embryos into a womb.  Mr. Reid’s position says that cloning has not occurred until the cloned embryo is implanted.  Nevada LIFE believes that neither the size nor location of the cloned or non-cloned human embryo, nor the cloner’s intention for that tiny human are determinative to anyone’s humanity, value, dignity or identity as a human being.  Those qualities and properties are not things that anyone can grant or take from us.  They are ours by the fact of our existence.  The Senate needs another cloning ban like the Brownback-Landrieux Human Cloning Prohibition Act passed to stop and stop the spread of cloning. 

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