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    Stem Cell Research & Cloning

    Partial Birth Abortion 

    Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia


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    Now More Than Ever, Vigorous Pro-Life Movement Needed

    Why Nevada LIFE? Why a pro-life movement? Because every life is precious, the sanctity of human life is under assault and the bioethical (life) issues confronting our nation cannot be left to another generation.

    There have been over 50 million abortions in America. Less than one percent has been for rape and incest. Less than 5 percent are to protect the life of the mother. There will be 1.3 million abortions in America this year, with almost 10,000 in Nevada. Twenty-five percent of pregnancies in Nevada will end in abortion.  Forty-seven percent of abortions will be repeat abortions. Nevada laws on abortion cannot be changed by the legislature. They can only be changed by expensive initiatives. When Roe is overturned, only an initiative can change Nevada's pro-abortion-Roe v. Wade laws.

    That's why we need your support more than ever.

    There's more. In January of 2008 embryonic stem cell scientists created the first human clones and killed the clones when they reached the embryonic stage. This year Britain approved creation of human and animal hybrid clones for embryonic stem cell research.

    Many scientists believe cloning is necessary if embryonic stem cell research is to ever lead to mass cures. Despite incredible new stem cell advances, they believe (wrongly) that the best way to obtain a genetic stem cell match that will not be rejected is by cloning. The clone will be created, grown to the embryonic stage, and destroyed for his or her (nearly) identical stem cells.

    This is unnecessary, but if we proceed with cloning to kill embryos for the 120 million Americans who could benefit, the prospect of human embryo farms for cloning dotting the American landscape is a very real possibility. Nevada Senator Harry Reid is a leading sponsor of this research.

    Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide are spreading too. Medical institutions and personnel routinely withhold treatment from those they do not deem worthy of treatment. Euthanasia advocates are working to pass more laws to allow doctors to help patients kill themselves.

    Not only is it wrong to kill or help kill human beings in the shadows of life, it targets whole classes of people. Whenever we allow the "medical" killing of certain human beings whose lives are deemed not worth living, we tell everyone sharing these circumstances that their lives are not worth living either. That's why every disability rights group in America opposed removing Teri Schiavo's feeding tube. And how can vulnerable people trust their doctors if they think they may suggest death?

    These assaults on the sanctity of life have led to the cheapening of human life and led many to view humans as mere means to an end. We are considered disposable if we are in the way, don't demonstrate certain criteria and can't defend ourselves. Embryonic stem cell research and cloning cause us to look at human life as a raw resources for our purposes. If we don't stop this madness, someday we'll clone for children and choose them like we choose floor plans and upgrades.

    That's why Nevada LIFE says the bioethical issues confronting our nation cannot be left to another generation. With a new administration committed to these attacks on human life, pro-life advocacy is needed now, more than ever.

    Why Nevada LIFE? Because we are lobbying, educating and communicating the pro-life message in Nevada. These are important days and we need your help.


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