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Abortion Advocacy Study Shows Women Do Not Support Abortion

 July 10, 2003

A new study by an abortion advocacy group, the Center For Gender Equality, shows the progress the right to life message is making across the country.  The study notes that "only 28% of women today believe abortion should be generally available to those who want it. Altogether, 70% favor more restrictions on abortion, including 17% who say there should be stricter limits than there currently are, 40% who think abortion should only be allowed in cases of rape, incest, or to save the woman's life, and 13% who think abortion should not be permitted under any circumstances."

The report adds, "two years ago only 45% of women thought abortion should be outlawed or restricted to extreme circumstances, significantly fewer than the 53% who hold these views today."  Only 41 percent of women see maintain the right to abortion as a priority. 


It has to be hard even for abortion bully Planned Parenthood to look into the cameras and know they are calling the majority of American women extremists when they call us extremists. 

National Right To Life’s Dave Andrusko reports that “the study found that women are religious and becoming more so; want religious organizations involved in ‘public discussion about the roles of women and men in society’; and increasingly believe ‘politicians should be guided by religious values in their decision-making.’…more than twice as many women think the [strongly pro-life] Christian Coalition works in the interest of women than think it is a threat." 

He concludes, “all in all, the data clearly showed women were becoming even more opposed to abortion and more uncomfortable with a value-free public square.” 

This is good news.  This is no time to look back. 







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