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Teens Are Decidedly Pro-Life & Oppose Abortion

An August 2003 Gallup opinion poll  found that 72 percent of 13-17 year olds say that abortion is morally wrong.  32 percent think abortions should be illegal in all circumstances, and 47 percent said that abortions should be legal only in certain circumstances.  Only 19 percent believe abortion should be legal in all circumstances.  The Pro-life message rocks among teens.  (Check the front page of the Nevada LIFE website for other polls and commentary)


One indicator of a person’s views on abortion seems to be age.  Polls show that older generations are more likely to support abortion.  Couple this with the fact that teenagers in the largest generation in American history-over 60 million young people are decidedly pro-life and you have a catastrophic demographic for abortion providers.  Now when you hear another outrageous abortion claim, you’ll know why.  The only place abortion advocates have to go for support is to a few judges they’ve shopped long and hard for.

The next time you hear someone say pro-lifers are kooks and extremists, tell them to check their numbers.  The pro-life position is a mainstream American value. 







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