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America's Pro-life Shift Continues: 

Eleven years after the right to life movement was given up for dead with the election of radical abortion supporter Bill Clinton and, blamed even by our friends for his election, there’s an increasing amount of good right to life news.  A recent Pro-Choice America postcard says that “since 1995, states have enacted 335 anti-choice measures.  The U.S. Congress has cast 148 votes on reproductive rights and health related issues.  Pro-choice Americans lost all but 25 of those votes.” 

             This demonstrates a shift in the nation’s beliefs about abortion.  Even the name Pro-Choice America is a good sign.   Continued:  This organization was once called the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL).  Abortion advocates are afraid to use the word abortion.  When they do, they lose.  Right to life education has succeeded in creating images of what abortion really is.  

           Pro-Choice America also says that “opponents to reproductive choice won’t stop until safe legal abortion is no longer an option.”  These comments suggest that they know they face a relentless and determined opponent.  They are losing ground.  It’s crumbling into the sea by the relentless pounding of the waves of truth.  

            The media’s changing use of language to describe the unborn child is another indication of how the country is changing.  With growing frequency the media uses the words “unborn child,” “unborn son” or “unborn daughter” to describe children who have died or been killed before birth.  If the media is using these words, there’s a change.  The barbaric murder of Californian Laci Peterson and her unborn son is an example.  Not only has the son been called an unborn son, he’s been called by his name, Connor.  What’s more, the public believes there are two victims not one.  Only a National Organization of Women’s affiliate in New Jersey is left clinging to the presuppositions of the past when they say there should be no second murder charge because there was no child.  Public reaction shows that this group represents the true extremists.  The public is going to make the connection that if this kind of killing is wrong, so is abortion.  They’ll realize that it doesn’t matter who does the killing.  It’s still killing.

             We’re making definite progress.  People like you have made this happen.  These are times to increase our efforts to help people connect to the truth.







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