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America's Pro-Life Shift

January, 2003

Despite 30 years of legal access to abortion and hundreds of millions abortion advocacy dollars, America is becoming increasingly pro-life. Recent polling data represents a marked pro-life shift.

  • A Wirthlin poll released last week reported 68 percent of respondents support "restoring legal protection for unborn children."

  • 66 percent favor nominees to the Supreme Court "who would uphold laws that restore legal protection to unborn children."

  • 67.4 percent told Zogby that “if a relative or close friend told you she was pregnant and wanted to get an abortion” they would either “tell her abortion is wrong” (32.7 percent) or advise against her decision (34.7 percent). Only 19.1 percent would advise her to go ahead “if she thinks it is right.” 


  • 70% told a USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll that partial-birth abortion should be outlawed.

  • 78% back a mandatory 24-hour waiting period for all abortions.

  • 73% supported parental consent for girls under 18.

  • 88% favor a law directing doctors to inform patients of alternatives to abortion before it is performed.

Abortion advocates will not support any of these positions. This data and their unwillingness to support even the slightest of regulations shows that they are out of touch with mainstream America and are in danger of becoming a fringe element. This shift has occurred in part due to the destructive human price women have had to pay for abortion, the barbaric nature of abortion itself, and the self-evident humanity of unborn children manifested by ultra sound technology and pro-life education. The pro-life shift is now affecting the political process with the election of a pro-life House, Senate and President. Nevada LIFE believes that this suggests that Roe will eventually be overthrown and legal protection extended to all human beings, whether born or unborn.







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