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2005 Polls

January 2005 LA Times.  53 percent said abortions should always be illegal (12 percent) or illegal except for rape, incest, or the life of the mother (41 percent).  43 percent said abortion should always (24 percent) or legal most of the time (19 percent).

October 2005 Virginia Commonwealth University.  56 percent believe abortions should always be illegal (12 percent) or allowed only in cases of rape or incest or when the pregnancy directly endangers the mother's physical health (44 percent).

39 percent said abortion should always be legal.

August 2005 CBS News. 53 percent of respondents said all or most abortions should not be permitted.  33 percent abortion should be permitted for rape, incest, and the life of the mother.  15 percent permitted for the life of mother only. 5 percent said it should never be permitted.  43 percent support abortion in all cases (28 percent) or with greater restrictions (15 percent). 

April 2005 Gallup Poll 59 percent of Americans say they oppose all or most abortions.

April 2005 The Polling Company, Inc/ Woman Trend 62 percent said abortion should never be legal (17 percent), legal only when the mother’s life is in danger (14 percent), legal only when the mother’s life is in danger, or cases of rape and incest.

35 percent said abortion should be legal for any reason in the first 3 months (21 percent), legal for any reason during the first 6 months (4 percent), legal for any reason at any time during pregnancy (10 percent). 

2004 Polls

Pro-Life Position Scores Big In Nov '04. Elections. 

President Bush and other candidates benefited from their pro-life positions on November 2nd.  A post election poll  by Wirthlin Worldwide found that abortion affected the way 42% of voters voted. 56% voted of those 42  % voted for President  Bush.  Only 36% voted for Senator John Kerry.  This translates into a 9 percent advantage for President Bush (56% of 42% is 24%. 36% of 42%--15%. 24%-15%=9%) among those who say abortion affected their vote.  Eight percent said (continue)

Zogby April 2004 Poll-56 Percent Hold A Pro-Life View.

Just as abortion advocates were holding their first demonstration in years, a new Zogby Poll shows that America is firmly pro-life.  Zogby’s  poll conducted between April 15-17, 2004 found the following results:

  • 56 percent believe abortion should never be legal, be legal when the life of the mother is in danger or be legal in cases of rape or incest.  This means that 56 percent of Americans believe that over 95 percent of all abortions should be illegal.  Only 13 percent believe support abortion rights advocates’ position that abortion should be legal throughout pregnancy.

  • 60 percent of America’s 18-29 year olds believe that abortion should never be legal or only be legal when the life of the mother is in danger or in cases of rape or incest. (More Zogby results)

Other Polling Data

Teens Are Decidedly Pro-Life & Oppose Abortion

November 23, 2003

An August 2003 Gallup opinion poll  found that 72 percent of 13-17 year olds say that abortion is morally wrong.  32 percent think abortions should be illegal in all circumstances, and 47 percent said that abortions should be legal only in certain circumstances.  Only 19 percent believe abortion should be legal in all circumstances.  The Pro-life message rocks among teens.  (Check the stories below  for other polls and commentary). Continue

Susan B. Anthony List's Collection Of Polls.

Click here for an excellent series of polls collected by the Susan B. Anthony List. 

Abortion Advocacy Study Shows Women Do Not Support Abortion

July 10, 2003

A new study by an abortion advocacy group, the Center For Gender Equality, shows the progress the right to life message is making across the country.  The study notes that "only 28% of women today believe abortion should be generally available to those who want it. Altogether, 70% favor more restrictions on abortion, including 17% who say there should be stricter limits than there currently are, 40% who think abortion should only be allowed in cases of rape, incest, or to save the woman's life, and 13% who think abortion should not be permitted under any circumstances." Continue

The Pro-Life Advantage.

Click here to read about the political advantage of the pro-life position from National Right to Life.

America's Pro-Life Shift Continues

April 23, 2003

Eleven years after the right to life movement was given up for dead with the election of radical abortion supporter Bill Clinton and, blamed even by our friends for his election, there’s an increasing amount of good right to life news.  A recent Pro-Choice America postcard says that “since 1995, states have enacted 335 anti-choice measures.  The U.S. Congress has cast 148 votes on reproductive rights and health related issues.  Pro-choice Americans lost all but 25 of those votes.” 

This demonstrates a shift in the nation’s beliefs about abortion.  Even the name Pro-Choice America is a good sign.  Continue

America's Pro-Life Shift 

January, 2003

Despite 30 years of legal access to abortion and hundreds of millions abortion advocacy dollars, America is becoming increasingly pro-life. Recent polling data represents a marked pro-life shift.

  • A Wirthlin poll released last week reported 68 percent of respondents support "restoring legal protection for unborn children."

  • 66 percent favor nominees to the Supreme Court "who would uphold laws that restore legal protection to unborn children."

  • 67.4 percent told Zogby that “if a relative or close friend told you she was pregnant and wanted to get an abortion” they would either “tell her abortion is wrong” (32.7 percent) or advise against her decision (34.7 percent). Only 19.1 percent would advise her to go ahead “if she thinks it is right.” Continue  (775) 530-0029  626-1024 (fax)