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    Partial Birth Abortion 

    Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia




    Pro-Life Views Are Mainstream. 

    Series of Polls Show Abortion Advocates Are The Real Extremists. 

    Two new polls show that America is pro-life. A new Gallup Poll Announced that 51 percent of Americans identified themselves as pro-life while only 42 percent defined themselves as pro-choice. 49 percent of women said they were pro-life. 44 percent said they are pro- choice.

    This is the first time Gallup has found more Americans to identify themselves as pro-life than pro-choice. But this is not new to pro- lifers. For a decade, a series of polls have showed that Americans take one of three pro- life positions, abortion for the life of the mother, abortion for rape and incest, or no abortions at all.

    In a May 18, 2009 Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll coming right on the heels of the Gallup poll, 49 percent say they are pro-life, 43 percent say they are "pro-choice." 69 percent of Republicans said they were pro-life, 27 percent said they were pro-choice.  51 percent of independents are pro-life, 40 percent are pro-choice.  34 percent of Democrats are pro-life.  57 percent are pro-choice.

    An October 2008 Marist Poll finds 60 percent of Americans take one of three pro-life positions opposing all or most abortions. 60 percent of Americans say abortions should never be allowed or only in the rarest of circumstances.

    13 percent say abortion should never be permitted. 15 percent say abortions should only be allowed to save the life of the mother.  32 percent say abortions should be allowed in that rare case and when the mother is a victim of rape or incest.

    One-quarter of people who say they are "pro-choice" on abortion really take a pro-life position against abortions

    2007-Three Polls Show Americans Are Pro-Life.  Polls by TIME/SCRBI, CBS and Los Angeles Time/Bloomberg show most Americans oppose abortion. 

    TIME MAGAZINE/SRBI ?November 20, 2007   In the TIME SRBI poll, 55 percent gave a prolife position.  46 percent said "Abortion should only be legal in certain circumstances, such as when a woman’s health is endangered or when the pegnancy results from rape or incest" (46%).  9 percent said "Abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, even if the mother’s life is in danger" (9%).

    42 percent said a woman should be able to get an abortion if she wants one, no matter what the reason, up until the time the fetus is viable, that is can Live on its own.  3 percent gave "no answer/don't know."

    The CBS Poll found that 54 percent supported a pro-life position of opposing abortion in all situations (4 percent), in all situations except for the woman’s life (16 percent)  or in instances of rape, incest and woman’s life (34 percent).  26 percent supported abortion in all instances, 16 percent supported abortion with greater restrictions.  4 percent were not sure.  The poll was conducted October 12-16, 2007,

    A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll found that 50 percent took a pro-life view that abortion should be “illegal without exceptions?(10 percent) and “illegal with a few exceptions?(40 percent).  31 percent said abortion should be “legal all the time?and 13 percent said it should be “legal most of the time.?/span>

    2006 CBS News Poll. 

    A January 2006 CBS News Poll reports a majority of Americans oppose almost all abortions in the United States. 

    55 percent of Americans took a pro-life position on abortion. Abortions should be "permitted only in cases such as rape, incest and to save the woman's life" (33 percent),  allow abortion only when a woman's life is in danger (17 percent) or would never allow abortion (5 percent).

    That means that 55 percent oppose 95 percent or more of the 1.3 million annual abortions in the United States.

    42 percent said abortion should be permitted in all cases (27 percent) or "subject to greater restrictions than it is now." (15 percent)

    70 percent of Americans in the CBS News poll believe greater limits should be placed on abortions.


    More Polling

    Click here to view more polling data on abortion.

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