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April 2, 2009

Reid Says He Could Support Health Care Bill Covering Abortion

Dear Right To Life Friend,

Last week "pro-life" Senator Harry Reid said he could support a health care bill covering abortion. Last week Senator John Ensign authored an amendment to help Crisis Pregnancy Centers. These Senators need to hear from us.

  • Reid Says He Could Support Health Care Bill Covering Abortion
  • "Pro-life" Harry Reid says he could support health care bill covering abortion. On March 27, 2009, Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack asked Nevada Senator Harry Reid "if he could support a national health care bill that provided coverage for abortion." Reid replied "I could."

    The Weekly Standard notes that in 1998 Reid said he opposed taxpayer funding of abortion in a survey and that he voted to keep the Indian Health Care Improvement Act from funding abortion in February 2008. Reid needs to say whether he still opposes taxpayer abortion funding bans and if he would support or oppose a national health care plan that covered abortion.

    Nevada LIFE has asked the Senator to "oppose taxpayer funding of abortion, lifting of the Hyde Amendment, oppose any national health care bill that includes abortion coverage and oppose any requirement that private insurers provide abortion coverage." You can ask the Senator to do the same by clicking here and sending him a short email.

    Reid's spokesman Jim Manley told the Weekly Standard that there was no provision at this time to do these things. This may be true, but they are being widely discussed and advocated.

    Not only is it wrong to force the taxpayer to pay for abortion, taxpayer funding of abortion will increase the number of abortions. NARAL Pro-choice America itself says that the Hyde Amendment alone, which bans taxpayer funding of abortion except for rare instances of rape, incest or a threat to the life of the mother, has kept half of the women who would have aborted from aborting. Planned Parenthood cites research that the Hyde Amendment keeps about 18-35 percent of women who would abort from aborting.

    Those numbers are staggering. Millions of Americans are alive today because of that one amendment banning taxpayer funding of abortion. If the Senator and others are serious about reducing the number of abortions, they must oppose taxpayer funding of abortion and oppose making abortion coverage part of a national health care program.

    Don Nelson
    Nevada LIFE


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