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October 17, 2009

CDC Report Says Abortion Down. Pro-life Cause Makes Substantial Gains. Pro-Life Strategy Working.

This week's CDC report illustrates the substantial gains the pro-life movement has achieved in recent years. Other special interest groups can only dream of these gains.

CDC Report Says Abortion Down. Pro-life Cause Makes Substantial Gains

Dear Right To Life Friend,

Yesterday's CDC report shows that the abortion rate- the number of women having abortions, is down 33 percent. This shows that our hard fought pro-life efforts and strategy are paying off.

It's common to hear people say pro-lifers haven't accomplished anything since we still have Roe v. Wade. That's nonsense. Other special interest groups can only dream of the successes we've had.

Not only has the abortion rate gone down in the last two decades, the abortion ratio-the ratio of abortions per thousand pregnancies has declined. The number of abortions is down twenty-five percent even as our population has risen by tens of millions!

We're also changing the culture on abortion. Poll after poll shows that America is pro-life and that a majority would oppose almost all abortions except rape and incest (less than 1 percent) and the life of the mother.

Better news it that we are winning the next generation. Two-thirds of graduating seniors in 2006 said that abortion is always or almost always morally wrong (p. 13, Q 4 in link). More and more women and men are willing to talk about their abortions negative impact, ultra sound leaves no doubt what the unborn is, abortion advocates gripe about the hundreds and hundreds of abortion curbing laws in the 50 states, there are more crisis pregnancy centers than abortion clinics, and fewer and fewer doctors willing to do abortions.

There's more. The 2007 partial birth abortion decision upheld the constitutionality of the first federal ban on abortions of any kind since Roe. This sends a loud message that abortion is not absolute and there are limits to abortion and abortion can be limited.

Even President Obama's difficulties show our strength. If our gains were not so deep, he would not blatantly misrepresent his abortion record or deny that health care reform bills do not fund abortion.

This shows that it's wrong to say pro-lifers haven't gotten or achieved anything because we still have Roe. We're moving forward, but our progress has been hard earned and hard learned. We learned the hard way that there are no magic bullets. Our early and sometimes recent all or nothing propositions fell short. But that hasn't stopped our progress or lessened our resolve. It's only delayed the inevitable victory that will see every unborn child protected in law and welcome in life.

The patient persistence and genius of pro-life guiding lights like National Right to Life's Doug Johnson brought us this progress with the same patience and persistence as William Wilberforce. Wilberforce was the British statesman who valiantly defended the emancipation of slaves. His early efforts to ban slavery failed. But he eventually saw slavery and the slave trade end in Britain by chipping and chipping away until there was nothing left but to ban it after a lifetime of effort.

We are on the same road to victory. The battle is tough, but the slow steady progress adds up. Millions are alive today because of that steady progress. There's more to be done and more progress to come.


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