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News From Nevada LIFE

August 6, 2009


Planned Parenthood Attack On NV LIFE & Pro-Lifers Blows Up Hours Later. 

AP Says Health Care Reform Bills Cover Abortion Same Day Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Says NV LIFE Lying That Bills Cover Abortion.


Dear Right To Life Friend,

Pro-lifers are getting to Planned Parenthood. What else explains their senseless attack on Nevada LIFE and our pro-life colleagues in their opinion in yesterday's Reno Gazette Journal?

Yesterday Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Alison Gauldin attacked our Nevada LIFE op-ed in last week's RGJ with this. "It is reprehensible that Nelson and his anti-choice group seem willing to use scare tactics and lies to prevent needed health care reform just to further their attack on Planned Parenthood and women across the country. Nelson's column spread misinformation about abortion coverage to stall health care reform. As the debate around health care reform heats up, it is important to clarify the myths and misinformation."

We have plenty to say about this and regard it as a badge of honor to be attacked by Planned Parenthood. For the meantime we'll ignore most of Gauldin's pathetic personal attacks, but for today, let's get down to the most important part. Will the health care plans under consideration fund abortion?

Gauldin says one our lies or myths is our claim that the health care bills being considered in Congress will fund abortion. Just a few embarrassing hours after Gauldin's charges were published, the AP published a story saying that the bills will indeed fund abortion. This was a reversal of the AP's story earlier this week that the health care bills didn't fund abortion. It was so discredited that not even the abortion apologist AP editors could let it stand.

If the bills don't fund abortion why has every amendment to exclude abortion been voted down in committee? Even the Capps amendment which is regarded by NOW as prohibiting funding of abortion, would actually end up subsidizing abortion through wacky accounting schemes. Planned Parenthood just doesn't want you to know.

Why have these amendments been voted down? Because those legislators, many funded by Planned Parenthood, know it will be used, and they want it to be used, to fund abortion, require coverage, create an abortion mandate and preempt state protections and limitations. Those protections and limitations include parental notification laws, bans on brutal partial birth abortions, waiting periods, more informed consent, ultrasound requirements, conscience protections, and requirements to make clinics meet the standards of other out patient surgical facilities.

All of those protections and limitations are supported by large majorities of Americans including many who are pro-choice. But Planned Parenthood opposes them all. Planned Parenthood even went to court to support barbaric partial birth abortions. They are the leaders at slandering and attempting to shut down crisis pregnancy centers. They've also opposed measures to screen women for coercion. All this shows Planned Parenthood to be the real extremists and abortion fanatics that they are.

We'll comment on their other comments later, but the last person to ever question anyone's integrity is a Planned Parenthood spokesperson. Yesterday's AP story is what happens when they do.

The good news is that this shows that pro- lifers are getting to Planned Parenthood and their politicians with their calls, emails and protests. That's the likely explanation for yesterday's attack on Nevada LIFE and pro- life groups. Keep it up. Keep making calls. Send emails. Go to a town hall meeting. Write a letter to the editor. And remember to be courteous. Contact information for your Congressman and Senators is to the side.

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