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News From Nevada LIFE

August 11, 2009

Planned Parenthood Is Wrong:

Americans Do Not Want Health Care To Cover Abortion


Dear Right To Life Friend,

Do most American's support taxpayer funding of abortion and would most Americans be opposed to health care reform if it did not include abortion coverage? Of course not. But that's not stopping Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates from saying so.

Planned Parenthood Is Wrong: Americans Do Not Want Health Care To Cover Abortion.

In last Wednesday's Reno Gazette Journal, the local Planned Parenthood spokesperson Alison Gaulden claimed that "A recent poll by the Mellman Group shows that a majority of Americans would be opposed to health care reform if it did not include reproductive health care, including abortion."

This flies in the face of recent polling of Americans on abortion. For instance, a November, 2008 Zogby poll asked if "a bill that would force many employers to provide health insurance to their employees" should "require insurance plans pay for abortions when the abortions are performed as a method of birth control?" 71 percent said no. Only 20 percent said yes. 71 percent told the Polling Company that they oppose "using tax dollars to pay for abortions here in the United States." 69 percent also told Zogby that they opposed lifting the Hyde Amendment which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion. Other recent polling shows that a majority of Americans are pro-life.

Well, what about the Mellman Group Poll that Planned Parenthood and others cite as showing Americans would be opposed to health care reform if it didn't include abortion? When a Weekly Standard reporter noted that this poll flew in the face of the polls mention above, he asked to see poll's questions, "A National Women's Law Center spokesperson refused to provide the text of the questions polled to THE WEEKLY STANDARD." A press release claiming a poll says something this dramatic without providing the actual questions is worthless. The Standard reporter called it a junk poll.

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, writing two weeks after the Weekly Standard, says one of the poll questions or statements respondents were read was this: "There are many medical reasons why women need abortions, including high-risk pregnancies that endanger the mother's life and miscarriages. Only women and their doctors should make these difficult medical decisions, not Congress. Politicians should not play politics with women's health by singling out abortion in an otherwise comprehensive health care reform plan."

It's no wonder why National Women's Law Center refused to provide the questions. This is like asking whether or not abortion should be legal for the life of the mother and reporting that everyone who supports abortion for that one rare reason only supports all abortion. This is a junk poll and irrelevant to the question of whether or not insurance companies should be forced to pay for elective abortion/abortion on demand. Including these rare exceptions into this question and saying it means people support Planned Parenthoods policy of funding of abortion on demand throughout pregnancy for any reason makes Planned Parenthood guilty, in Gaulden's words, of spreading lies, misinformation and is reprehensible.

Americans do not want taxpayers paying for abortions and they do not want insurance companies to be forced to cover and pay for it either.

You are making a difference. Please keep making calls and send emails. Go to a town hall meeting. Write a letter to the editor. Contact information for your Congressman and Senators is to the side. Tell them that "abortion must be explicitly excluded from any health care plan."

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