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Debate Is On "Embryonic Stem Cell Research" Not "Stem Cell Research."  


The Following Statement Can Be Attributed To Nevada LIFE President Don Nelson:  

This week news organizations will be reporting on the Senate debate on embryonic stem cell research.  Nevada LIFE requests that you describe the debate as a debate about embryonic stem cell research” not “stem cell research.”  There are two kinds of stem cell research, embryonic and non-embryonic or adult stem cell research.  Most stem cell research is not embryonic.  Embryonic stem cell research is morally contentious because it requires destroying human embryos to obtain embryonic stem cells.  Non-embryonic or “adult” stem cell research does not destroy human embryos or human life and poses no ethical problems.  To use the general term “stem cell research” to describe embryonic stem cell research leaves the readers, listeners or viewers with the impression that pro-life organizations like Nevada LIFE oppose all stem cell research.  The fact is that pro-life groups support almost all stem cell research.  We only oppose “embryonic stem cell research.”

There are over 70 stem cell successes with over 500 human trials under way.  None of those success/cures or human trials involves embryonic stem cells.  The use of the term “stem cell research” to describe “embryonic stem cell research” creates the impression that there are embryonic stem cell successes that warrant further embryonic stem cell research, when after 20 years, there are none.

The importance of this issue and the need for accurate descriptions of what is being debated cannot be overstated.  It poses the questions, “can we experiment on classes of human beings for the benefit of others without consent?”  “Can we create and destroy human life to benefit others?”  Accurately distinguishing the types of research is necessary for public discussion and public input for setting public policy on these serious issues.  The public needs to know exactly what is being discussed.







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