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Reid Health Care Bill Rejects Stupak Amendment. Will Fund And Subsidize Abortion.

  • Bill mirrors phony Capps amendment compromise and funds abortion on demand throughout pregnancy for any reason.
  • Reid bill will lead to massive abortion increases.
  • Reid alone responsible for abortion provisions.
  • Reidís claims to be pro-life are meaningless and smokescreen.
  • Reid provisions to fund abortion were expected.



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The following statement can be attributed to Nevada LIFE President Don Nelson:

Senator Harry Reid has broken his promise to keep abortion out of health care by rejecting the Stupak-Pitts amendment and substituting it with language that will fund and subsidize abortion on demand throughout pregnancy in two large new federal programs. 

Reidís attempt to fool the public is transparent.  Reidís bill contains the same phony language that was previously claimed as a compromise to ban funding of abortion but instead authorized abortion funding throughout pregnancy for any reason and subsidized abortion providing health care plans.   In a press release after release of the Reid bill, Rep. Lois Capps (D-Ca.), the author of the phony ďcompromiseĒ amendment in the House said, "It appears that their approach closely mirrors my language which was originally included in the House bill."  (Capps has a 100 percent pro-abortion voting record.) The Capps amendment was deleted by the House 240-194 and replaced with the Stupak amendment with the support of 64 Democrats (one fourth of all House Democrats), along with 176 Republicans, voted to replace it with the Stupak-Pitts Amendment.

The Reid bill will lead to massive increases in abortion and overturn longstanding and widely supported policy of not using government funding for abortion.  Over 60 percent of Americans oppose government funding of abortion.  Stupak-Pitts closely replicates the long standing Hyde Amendment which has prohibited Medicaid funding of abortion for over 30 years.  It will prohibit both direct funding of abortion procedures, and subsidies for plans that cover elective abortions.  Stupak is necessary because Hyde would not apply to the proposed health care bills.  Purchase of abortion insurance with personal funds will not be prohibited. 

Harry Reidís claims to pro-life are meaningless and a smokescreen.  Itís impossible to be pro-life and vote to fund and subsidize abortion.  Reid wrote the bill and could have made it so that the bill did not fund or subsidize abortion by including the Stupak-Pitts Amendment.  He is the Majority Leader and no one had the power to stop him from doing it. 

Reid knows that it is much harder to take something out of the bill and that it is much easier to defend provisions already in the bill.  He has decided to give the advantage to abortion proponents.  Harry Reid is living up to his award as a Planned Parenthood Nevada legislator of the year by implementing Planned Parenthoodís stated policy of federal government funding of abortion on demand throughout pregnancy. 

Unless the Stupak-Pitts amendment is inserted into the health care bill, the government will fund and subsidize abortion on demand and lead to massive increases in abortion.

Addenda-Reid Decision To Include Abortion Expected. Previous Claims Unbelievable

Reidís decision to fund and subsidize abortion throughout pregnancy is not unexpected and his claim that the Senate bill would not fund abortion was unbelievable due to Reidís previous comments and outright distortions, obfuscation and lies about previous bills.  For instance:

  • Reid told the Weekly Standard that he "could" support a health care bill covering abortion. 

  • Reid knowingly told constituents in a town hall meeting that the House bill excluded abortion when it didnít. (Recording at http://reid.senate.gov/newsroom/081809_townhall.cfm see 45.10)

  • Reid knowingly told constituents that the Hyde amendment, which he knows only applies to Medicaid, would stop abortion funding in health care when he had to know it didnít after three decades of votes (See same recording in same place).

  • In the same town hall meeting and other places, Reid said that pro-life claims that the three house bills and the Senate bill funded abortion (without Stupak) were a myth (see same recording near 4:30).   The Stupak debate and recent admissions by abortion advocates show those claims were no myth.  It showed Reid was shilling for Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

Reidís abortion provisions were also expected because of his pro-abortion votes to fund abortion overseas, votes opposing conscience protections, his votes against anti-coercion and sterilization amendments and his disinformation about the health care bills. 



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