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Reid Votes For More Abortion, Government Funded.

  • Will overturn long standing, widely supported policy of not paying for abortion with govít funds.

  • Will lead to most massive increases in abortion since Roe. 

  • Reid owns the abortion provisions.  Alone responsible for language he wrote.

  • Shows why Reid named a Nevada legislator of Year by Planned Parenthood.

  • Trading hundreds of thousands of yearly abortions for his political fortunes.

  • Abortion provisions threaten coverage for tens of millions and needed reforms.



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The following statement can be attributed to Nevada LIFE President Don Nelson:

Senator Harry Reidís vote against the Hatch Nelson amendment to keep abortion out of health care is a vote for more abortion.  Defeat of the amendment now means that the federal government will fund all abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason through the public option and subsidize health care plans covering abortion in the proposed health care exchange if the Reid heath care bill is passed. 

The Reid health care bill will lead to the most massive increase in abortions since Roe v. Wade.  The government paid for over 300,000 abortions every year before the Hyde Amendment stopped funding of Medicaid abortions.  Hatch-Nelson was necessary because Hyde only applies to Medicaid abortions. 

Reid alone is responsible for this bill and could easily have left abortion funding and subsidies out or he could have included the Houseís Stupak Amendment to prohibit government funding and subsidies of abortion.  Reid knew it takes 60 votes to put abortion language in or take it out of the bill.  By including abortion language that will fund abortion throughout pregnancy for any reason through the public option and subsidize insurance programs that cover abortion, Reid made his choice to give abortion advocates the advantage.  Harry Reid broke his promise to keep abortion out of health care.

Reidís vote and authoring of a bill that funds abortion throughout pregnancy and subsidizes health care plans that do, shows how duplicitous Reid is in claiming to be pro-life.  It is impossible to be pro-life and vote for legislation that will fund and lead to the largest increase of abortion since Roe.  Itís no wonder that Harry Reid brags about being named a Planned Parenthood Nevada legislator of the year.  

Reidís comment that while he opposes abortion, his vote "doesn't mean I'm opposed to finding common ground for the greater good," means his pro-life views are good for nothing and he is willing to sell out the lives of hundreds of thousands of unborn children every year for his political fortunes.

Harry Reid is putting whatever health care reforms are needed at risk, as well as coverage for tens of millions of people without insurance by his insistence on abortion. Reid and abortion advocates are trying to include a benefit that no one possesses-a federally funded or subsidized abortion-and which is opposed by vast majorities of Americans. This would overturn long standing, widely supported policy of not paying for abortion with government funds. If those reforms and coverage are defeated, it will be the fault of those obsessed with abortion.


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