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Nelson-Reid Language Still Subsidizes Abortion

  • Nevadans To Pay For California And Other States’ Abortions.

  • Final Vote Scheduled For Christmas Eve. Harry Reid Giving Abortions For Christmas.



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The following statement can be attributed to Nevada LIFE President Don Nelson:

Nevada LIFE opposes the Reid health care bill for its abortion funding provisions and rejects the language Senator Ben Nelson has agreed to.  The language Nelson agreed to will fund abortion throughout pregnancy for any reason at taxpayer expense by providing subsidies to purchase insurance from insurance companies that cover abortion.  This explodes the “status quo” on abortion and overturns the longstanding and widely supported policy of not using federal government funds for abortion. Federal subsidies will be provided to tens of millions of people at taxpayer expense and lead to the most massive increases in abortion since Roe.  Reid’s claim that his bill will save lives ignores the lives of innocent unborn children who will be destroyed due to Reid’s abortion funding bill.

States would be able to opt out of abortion coverage, but it appears that they would have to pass laws to do so.  It’s not clear that Nevada’s current provisions against taxpayer funding of abortion would apply.  No matter what Nevadans do, Nevada taxpayers will be paying for abortions in other states. 

The Mikulski amendment passed by the Senate on December 3 makes matters worse and empowers the Secretary of Health and Human Services to compel every health care provider in America to provide abortion coverage.  While it does not mandate that abortion be covered, it allows the Department of Health and Human Services to mandate every private health plan in the country cover all abortions, merely by listing abortion as a “preventive” service”.  Mandatory abortion coverage will depend on who is president and who he or she appoints to be secretary of health and human services.

There is much more wrong with the bill, but Senator Reid alone is responsible for the abortion provisions in the health care reform bill and could easily have left abortion funding and subsidies out.  Reid could have just as easily included the House's Stupak Amendment to prohibit government funding and subsidies of abortion.  Reid knew it takes 60 votes to put abortion language in or take it out of the bill. By including abortion language that will fund abortion throughout pregnancy for any reason Reid made his choice to give abortion advocates the advantage.

A final vote is scheduled for Christmas Eve when Americans will be giving and opening gifts to celebrate the gift of a baby- the birth of Jesus Christ.  Meanwhile Senator Harry Reid has scheduled a vote for his abortion laden health care reform bill for Christmas Eve.  Harry Reid is giving abortions for Christmas.


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